Help Chappy & His Family

Chappy’s Story

“Jeff got in a motorcycle accident on the way to work. I’m scared to death. The social worker just called. He is sedated and intubated and has at least a skull fracture they said. That’s all they know. We’re on our way. Please please pray. …” – Text message, Chappy’s wife Andrea Blake Chapman, August 6th, 2013 at 8:00 am

“There’s a chance he won’t make it, a chance he’ll have brain damage a chance by miracle that he’ll be ok. There’s not much they are doing but waiting.” – Text message, 9:30 am

“Jeff has been in a serious motorcycle accident. Please pray with everything you have. We need a miracle. Please please pray….I love you Jeff. With everything I am…please God let it be ok.” – Posted to Facebook at 11:34 pm

On the morning of August 6th, 2013 Jeff “Chappy” Chapman, a husband, father of three, and resident of Alpine, Utah was involved in a motorcycle accident while on his way to his job working for the city of Bluffdale. Although he always wears his helmet on his way to work, this morning he wasn’t wearing it and his head took the full force of the accident.

Until September 21st, Chappy was in a coma in the ICU. As a result of many miracles, thanks to the never-failing support of his wife, Andrea; the prayers, fasting, and faith exercised by his friends, family, and countless strangers; and the healing power of Priesthood blessings, he was then ready to move to a rehab center.

Chappy and his family have a long road ahead of them that will involve many difficulties. Chappy is the sole provider in his family, but he is unable to work right now. He and his wife, Andrea, live frugally so she can be at home raising their children. Chappy’s family is in need of help at this difficult transition time in their lives. Will you make a donation?


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